An alumnus of the American Academy Of Nutrition, Madhuri Ruia is a well-known Fitness, Posture, Pilates  and Nutrition expert. Her advice and expertise have been instrumental in helping countless people. She is the Founder of Integym – one of the foremost gyms known for being at the cutting edge of the newest techniques and practices in the fitness ecosystem in Mumbai.

A highly qualified nutritionist by profession, a winner by choice, an optimist at heart- Madhuri Ruia is a living embodiment of empowerment. Her fitness journey over the past two decades has always been underscored by an innate belief that one’s health is more valuable than one thinks.

She believes fitness is the key to success- personal, professional, and physical. The goal of all her advice and guidance, is to make you understand your body and its needs and to ensure you meet your fitness objectives in a safe, effective and correct manner.

Madhuri has a number of firsts to her credit:

  • the first nutritionist to set up a gym so results are better monitored
  • pioneered the concept of intelligent fitness so sensible results are achieved in sensible and do-able time frames
  • A published author, her book – “Who Stole My Calories ?” is considered the world’s first fitness novel and has been incredibly well received. It is a must-read for one and all.