Interview: Super Women Series

Madhuri was recently interviewed by for their Super Women series on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Madhuri Ruia is a living legend of women’s empowerment. A nutritionist by profession and an optimist at heart, her fitness journey over the past two decades is definitely a story to be told. She is also

Eggs: Healthy And High In Nutritional Value

Q: Why is egg consumption good for health and what nutritional value does it provide? A: Easy-to-digest protein quality; plus a great source of vital antioxidants   A single egg is a powerhouse of nutrition at just 77 calories making it an effective, easy-to-cook weight management food. Apart from its easy-to-digest protein quality, eggs are also

Talk on nutritional value of almonds at TIHMA, Vishakhapatnam

Well over 50 people attended a talk given by nutrionist Madhuri Ruia at the Twinkle International Hotel Management Academy, Visakhapatnam on “The Nutritional Value Of Almonds”. The talk was part of the outreach and brand awareness programme being conducted under the auspices of the California Almond Board which Madhuri is an accredited Brand Ambassador of.

Interview on “My Neighbour Zuckerberg” podcast

Madhuri was recently interviewd on IVM Podcasts’ “My Neighbour Zuckerberg” – a podcast for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. Listen in as Madhuri talks about how she came up with the idea to start Integym, her philosophy behind the link between fitness and entrepreneurship, and in the final segment they discuss Madhuri’s debut novel about fitness “Who Stole